Wilson Combat is located in Berryville Arkansas and run by Bill Wilson. He and his company specialize in customizing and manufacturing M1911A1s commonly known as “The 1911.” The original design was conceived by the Colt company way back in….you guessed it! 1911. It proved through time and battle that it was a reliable firearm and was found to be accepting to many customizations that made its’ platform incredibly accurate and reliable. Wilson Combat has taken this concept to incredible heights in all of its 1911A1 models.

The Wilson Combat CQB Compact specifications are as follows:

  • Magazine capacity:      7 rounds (.45)
  • Wilson Combat CQB CompactBarrel length:                4”
  • Overall length:              7.6”
  • Sight Radius:                 5.6”
  • Height:                           5.1”
  • Width:                            1.5”
  • Weight empty:              35.6 oz
  • Weight loaded:             43oz.
  • Accuracy Guarantee:   1.5” @ 25yds.
  • Mfr sug. Retail              $2890.00

The CQB Compact pistol has all the features of a full size 1911, but is reduced in overall size to facilitate its’ use for concealed carry duty. Length is reduced by a full inch and the grip is a ½” shorter than a standard 1911 creating a versatile , ideal size firearm with less weight, yet providing tack driving accuracy from the business end.

This model has been my practice and concealed carry firearm for the last 3 years. I have spent thousands of rounds through this gun. From indoor shooting ranges to 60 hour classes expending a thousand rounds through the course of the class. Day time training, night time training, shooting in the rain, practicing in the cold winters of Illinois outside, I have put this gun through its paces. The results are….This is one incredible firearm! Not one malfunction, not one! From the desert heat of Nevada to the blistering cold of Midwest winters, this gun has run impeccably. Wilson has not only overcome the issue of recoil speed, but honed it to the point that I would dare say that the CQB is the fastest compact .45 on the market today. Being in the upper price range of compact firearms, one would expect some value for their dollar. Well, every part of this firearm has been thought through, tolerances are infinitesimal, thousands of rounds and the gun is darn near as tight as when I purchased it. Tritium night sights… I shoot better at night than I do during the day!  Dehorned for comfort and safety and a trigger with a crisp 3 to 3 ½ lb pull round out the custom work Wilson Combat imparts in this model. Every one of Wilsons firearms comes with its own DVD walking its’ owner through the basics of the firearm and continues through complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the specific firearm bought. Along the way you can’t help but become a 1911 enthusiast. It takes a bit of care and knowledge to keep any 1911 running. Disassembly, cleaning even the right types and amounts of oils in the right places to keep your concealed carry firearm running are all explained in detail, in a way anyone can understand in Wilson’s DVDs .

There are many firearms available in today’s world that call themselves “Concealed Carry”  I own many different types and calibers. The Wilson Combat CQB Compact is the one I choose to carry….. just because my family’s and my life depend on it.