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New Gun Articles

7 States with the Strictest Gun Laws

With mass shootings on the rise, several states have begun establishing stricter gun laws. Some have banned assault rifles and assault handguns. A few states also limit the number of rounds a magazine can hold. Below we have listed the top seven states with strictest...

Top 6 Concealed Carry Guns of 2018

The ideal concealed carry gun is small and lightweight, so it's easy to conceal on your body. Below we have listed six of the best concealed carry guns to own in 2018. The items were ranked based on design, ease of use, and reliability. 1. Glock 26 Gen 3 9mm Easy to...

Your Guide to Learning How to Shoot a Gun

Owning a gun is a very big responsibility. It is crucial for owners to know how to handle them, store them, and use them correctly. Knowing these things will make you a more responsible gun owner. Handling and storing guns are processes that are generally easy to...

6 Useful and Fun Gifts for Gun Lovers to Buy in 2018

Useful gifts for gun lovers consist of handgun cleaning kits, educational books, and shooting range gear bags. Other creative ideas for the gun lover in your life are gun-themed products like a gun-shaped USB flash drive. Below we have listed six of the most useful...