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New Gun Articles

Top 10 Strangest Gun Laws in the United States

America is different from other countries when it comes to gun laws.There are unique gun laws that differ from state to state too.So we compiled the top 10 strangest gun laws in America in this infographic.Share this Image On Your...

AR 15 Rifle: Complete Buyer’s Guide

As firearms go, there are few rifles as recognizable as the iconic AR 15 rifle. While many other weapons have come and gone, this rifle has been one of the very few weapons that has dramatically grown in popularity over the decades. And today, it is now one of the...

Reviews: 9mm Revolver Becoming Popular

The 9mm revolver is becoming more popular amongst weekend shooters and those that prefer a short-barreled revolver, but want slightly improved ballistics over a .38 Special round. On average, a 9mm round travels at an additional 100 fps over a similarly...

Kel Tec Sub 2000 Foldable Gun: Complete Review

Most rifles and pistols operate with different kinds of ammunition. Long-range rifles use distinct, longer style bullets while pistols use shorter, wider looking bullets.  However, once in a while, a firearm breaks traditional mold and totally changes the game....