Guns, Politicians and Laws

All it seems we hear about in the news as of late is our pandering politicians ranting and raving about the need for more “Common Sense Gun Laws”.

The media flocks to them like roadies to a rock star. I see it more like moths drawn to a flame, they can’t help themselves, they are “bitches” to the rating machine.

The politicians on the other hand are “Bitches” to the money and power that their office affords them. Pandering endlessly to decades old cries for gun control and the “Utopia” they promise it will bring. They have bamboozled their constituency that they and only they hold the key to a “Safe Society” through the passage of laws eradicating the ownership of guns. These are the same chameleons that raised their right hands and swore to uphold the constitution of The United States of America…So help me God, I believe the end of it goes.

Funny how many of them immediately begin to try and enact their own agendas Constitution be damned.

Supported financially by Billionaires with their own vision of utopia and believing that they “Know better” than the rest of the county’s citizens the politicians have become nothing more than puppets of the social elite.

What happened to representing the people of this country? Hogwash!  There are few politicians that I can think of that truly represent their constituency. Enter in the political shenanigans of “Districting” and you will find yourself in the position that I am in, being represented by a fine gentleman that hails from the southwest side of Chicago who’s district encompasses not only that section of the city, which is one of the more blighted areas of Chicago, but also my part of the world that is 50 miles to the south of Chicago. What the hell does this man know of my needs? We’ve never seen or heard a word out of him in the 6 years he has been our representative. Why you may ask is he my representative? Well it was gerrymandering by the Democratic Party when they had control of the state. The ‘Re Districted” the whole state in an effort, quite successfully I might add, to over power areas of their opposing parties territory. I’m sure the Republicans would have done the same given the chance. It all serves to prove it is about power and money.  It has nothing to do with representing the people of their district or the constitution.

It has more to do with pushing the agenda of either the party or the money that got them elected. I find it all repulsive quite frankly, and consider anything that comes out of a politician’s mouth to be bought and paid for by some wealthy man with a vision….. 

Michael Bloomberg and Gun Control So Bloomberg and his ilk want to ban guns? Just go to the politician you put in office! When he was Mayor of New York, he decided that everything was going so darn well that he had time to make the decision for all of his constituents that, since they couldn’t make the right decisions themselves, he would make it for them and outright BAN 44oz. soft drinks. Part of the “I know better” mentality I suppose.  So just push the agenda with your puppets you put in office!

Chicago’s Most Restrictive Gun Ban Laws

Well they have had it in the City of Chicago and several other big cities for going on 5 decades, Chicago being the most restrictive with an outright ban on guns. What they didn’t count on was the fact that decades of data don’t lie. (Well unless you manipulate them) Enter Chicago, better than four decades of gun ban laws, unarguably the city with THE most restrictive gun laws in the country, yet it leads the country or is in the top three every year. Hmmmm….  What to do, What to do…. AH! A little magic is in order!

Taking a lesson for some of the great magicians of our time, they learned to create a diversion. Look at the deck of cards in my right hand, so you don’t notice the palmed card in my left.

Culture Warfare

In the last decade we have seen our top political leaders work solely on culture warfare. Dividing and angering our society by not only race, but by income, gender, lack of gender, sexual preference and any other difference they can latch onto.

Hillary Clinton and Gun LawsHillary Clinton is probably the most prodigious at doing this and has raised it almost to an art form. The WAR on women, the WAR on gay people, the WAR on poverty, the WAR on kids! Yes, I heard her use thatBarrack Obama and Ban on Gunsone several days ago when addressing a question asked by a college student. But it wasn’t until they stumbled upon the police shooting of an African American named Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri that they really found a platform for division. Our President, Barak Hussein Obama and his former Attorney General Eric Holder seized the moment and began what has now become the most divisive issue of our time. White cop shoots African American, more importantly White Cop is guilty of shooting African American, BEFORE any of the factsStephanie Rwlings-Blake and Gunsare known. Our own PRESIDENT and ATTORNEY GENERAL did this in the Ferguson case. This trickled down to the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who on national television exclaimed “that for the people who want to destroy, we are going to give them room to destroy”. Enter the usual cast of opportunistic Reverends and self proclaimed preachers emboldened by these top officials and one of them actually proclaims “don’t be surprised when Black men start shooting White cops in retaliation”.

Justice Dept and Laws on Guns

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 08: Attorney General Eric Holder gestures while answering questions during a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Capitol Hill on November 8, 2011 in Washington, DC. The committee is hearing testimony from the Attorney General on the controversial “Fast and Furious” gun-running program. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Guns and Texas Sheriff GoforthWell it didn’t take long for the first one to happen; Harris County Sheriff Deputy Darren H. Goforth was executed while pumping gas into his squad car. Somewhere in this melee a group evolves under the name Black Lives Matter. They begin showing up at political rallies and any place they can get media exposure. Their goal is to promote the idea that White police indiscriminately shoot African American men. While there have been indiscriminate shootings I’m sure, this group takes the stance that ALL shootings by WHITE cops are racially motivated and unwarranted.

Black Lives vs. White Police?

The politicians have found their magic potion! Nothing divides people more than the police shooting innocent Black people. Rallies held in Chicago by Black Lives Matter have more white people attending than black people. Turns out we’re all against cops shooting innocent people!  From the President of the United States, down through the Mayors of our cities, the politicians have sent the message that white cops, ALL cops for that matter are bad and it is O.K. to riot, Loot, pillage and even murder to act out your rage.

Black lives and Gun ControlBlack Lives Matter states that ONE Black man shot is too many. I think I can safely say we ALL agree. What troubles me is that they clamor to gain national attention over the shooting of a Black man by police…. Never when a Black man shoots another Black man… Enter the decades of statistics form Chicago, one of the most restrictive cities in our country to own a handgun.  As I researched statistics on gun violence in Chicago I became astounded at what I found.

Chicago Shooting Statistics

The 2015 Shooting statistics for Chicago are as follows:

  • 2995 total people shot.
  • 443 died of their gunshot wound.
  • 59 died from a cause other than a gun.
  • Every 2 hours and 55 minutes someone is shot in the City Of Chicago.
  • Someone is murdered every 17 hours and 29 minutes in the City of Chicago.
  • Of all the murders In Chicago, 88.7% were by gunshot.
  • 5.6% were by stabbing
  • 5.7% were by some other form.
  • Of those murdered 80.2% were black.
  • 16.1 % were Hispanic
  • 3.7% were white or another race.
  • In 2015 there were a total of 9 fatal shootings by the Chicago PD.
  • Of the 443 Homicides in Chicago, less than 2% were committed by the Chicago Police Department. That leaves the remaining 80% of homicides in the city perpetrated upon black people, by black people.

I understand the outrage of the Black community over an unjustified shooting of anyone in the black community. I think it’s safe to say that all of us, black or white are outraged over an unjustified shooting by a police officer of anyone, regardless of race, but Black Lives Matter has made this point their rallying cry.


My question is where are they? Where are they every 2 hours and 55 minutes in Chicago?  If every black life really matters, where are they the 443 times a year when a black person gets shot and dies?  For that matter, where is Jessie, where is Al, where is Obama and Holder? If they are all so outraged, where are they the 443 time a year that a black life is taken? Why are there no press conferences called, where is the screaming in the streets over the innocent people being shot EVERY DAY in their communities by their own people?

CHIRAQ and Gun Violence

The numbers listed above are only from Chicago, this scenario is being played out in every major city in our Country on a daily basis. THOUSANDS of black men and women are killed every year in their own communities by black men and women.


It all goes terribly wrong when these people look to a POLITICIAN to resolve a community and family issue. And here’s where it starts to go wrong…..

All a politician can do is thump the pulpit and exclaim that they can pass a new law on guns. As a fact, that is all politicians do….pass laws. When it comes to gun laws it’s always as a knee jerk reaction to a mass shooting by a mentally or medicinally deranged person. Think about it…. The first thing we see after one of these tragedies is a politician on the news espousing the latest tragedy as the reason we need more laws on guns.

Well I’m here to tell you, no law has ever stopped a shooting. No law has ever stopped illegal guns from being obtained, if they did, there would be no drunk drivers, there would be no speeders, there would be no shootings, and the world would be utopia.

The politicians tout more laws on guns because it follows their agenda of confiscation and ultimately banning guns, plain and simple. Oh, that oath of office they took, ya, they “know better”.

The black community looked to the politicians for a solution to these problems. Turns out it was the worst place to look for a solution proven by the last 5 decades of welfare and social programs that has only inflicted a different kind of slavery upon them.

Until the black community looks to itself to correct the cause of the horrendous situation it finds itself in, there will never be a better life.

Only 23% of the homicides in Chicago were brought to the point of an arrest. 23%! Is it because the Chicago homicide department is really that bad or is it that people in the black community will not cooperate with police to arrest those responsible. Take the case of 9 year old Tyshawn Lee. His father, whose gang ties, police suspect, led to the execution style murder of this innocent child, refused to cooperate with the police. Who the HELL doesn’t want to cooperate with the police to find the murderer of your 9 year old child?!   His mother and father did not live together, and the insanity of the following weeks with his mothers Go Fund Me page and then his fathers Go Fund Me Page a week after his mothers was shut down speaks volumes as to what has happened to the black community.

Black Lives and GunsIn the last 35 years, 324,000 black people have been killed by black people in this country.

Until the black community stands up and tells these thugs and murderers that your behavior is unacceptable in our community it will never stop.

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