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On the 31st of March the Hearing Protection Act was signed by Republican Governor Terry Branstad. The signing of the act means that Iowa is the 42nd state to legalize and allow sales and possession of firearm suppressors.

According to Breitbart News, this act was passed by a vote of 46-4 in the Senate and 78-21 in the House. For 3 years there have been several attempts at passing the act, but it never made it past legislature until just recently.

The act was supported by the fact that firearm suppressors help to lessen the damage that is done to hearing. Firearm suppressors also are used to get a more accurate shot by lessening recoil and shot flinch.

Before the legalization of these firearm suppressors, it was considered a felony to own, use, sell or manufacture them. Committing this felony could have resulted in up to 5 years in prison and $7500 in fines.

The American Suppressor Association President, Knox Williams, was interviewed and he stated,

 The legalization of suppressors in Iowa is a tremendous victory for the law abiding citizens of The Hawkeye State. We are incredibly excited that Iowa is now one of 42 states that allow suppressor ownership, and one of 39 states that allows their use while hunting.

To celebrate this milestone, the ASA will host a suppressor shoot open to the public on the 16th of April. It will be held in Searsboro, Iowa at the Big Springs Shooting Complex. It is free to get in and ammunition is provided.

In addition to the ASA, the National Rifle Association and the Iowa Firearms Coalition are also celebrating the passing of the new act in Iowa.