If you enjoy going out with your buddies and shooting a few rounds at the local shooting range, then you know that having a gun that works well for you as well as bullets that provide good accuracy are essential for your game. What a lot of people don't seem to realize is that a round isn't just a bullet, and each one can get designed for different purposes including accuracy.

There are well over 38 different 9 mm ammo loads available for sale, and if you're not familiar with using 9-millimeter ammo, it might be a bit of a struggle to understand which ones are the best are you and your gun. In this article will go over the top recommended 9 mm bullets that have high accuracy and affordable prices.

​Comparison Table




Federal American Eagle Pistol Ammo

Wolf Military Classic

Winchester PDX1 Defender FMJ

Herter's Select Grade 9mm Ammo

​Via Cabelas

Herter’s Select Grade

Inceptor ARX 65 gr. Composite

A box of Remington Ammo

​Via Remington

Remington UMC Pistol Ammunition

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4. How much should you spend?

How We Reviewed

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Our products get reviewed on different factors that determine how high quality of product Maybe. These factors also play a role in how these products rate on our list.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customer's voices are the most significant determination on how our product rates and our list as well as what our final decision is regarding how effective they are. Unlike companies, a customer will be able to provide an in-depth review and give you an honest response on how they felt about their purchase.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the bullet is one of the main factors that we've taken into consideration while we rate our products.

Expense: We realize that many rounds you pick up will have a considerable price tag to go with it, but as always, we try to provide the best value for your money. If you’re going to get it, you might as well get as much as you can for the lowest price.

Overall Price Range

Thankfully 9 mm rounds do not cost a lot, is that considered one of the most inexpensive Centerfire rounds that gun stores can carry on their shelves. What's even better is the fact that these rounds can fit into a wide range of different guns which is what makes them so accessible.

All in all, the products we are listing here will easily range between 25 to $40 per box of ammunition, and the price range mostly depends on the brand and what qualities each bullet possessions.

The 6 Best 9mm Ammo Selections for Hitting Your Mark Every Time

Federal American Eagle Pistol Ammo


  • ​Extremely affordable
  • ​Available for most auto calibers
  • ​Reliable feeding
  • ​Accurate
  • ​Full-powered loads


  • ​Dirty Ammo
  • ​Extreme Flash

Federal is well known for its high-quality bullets that get used in all forms of ammunition sizes. The 9mm is considered a new production by federal, and it's also non-corrosive and comes encased in brass and boxer primers. What's great about this ammo selection is that it can get used as ammunition for target practice and it's reliable enough to be used to train police officers.

The bullet itself features a lead core with copper plating a non-magnetic Full Metal Jacket. A spell that can be reloaded up to five times if you're a shooter that likes to reload their ammo and the bullet itself offers a muzzle velocity of  1160 ft per second and muzzle energy of 344 feet per pound.

These bullets get packaged at 50 rounds per box or 20 boxes 50 cartridges per case. For the price, this is one of the best ammo selections you can pick up. You can generally pick up a box of Federal pistol ammo between the costs of $9.41 up to $41.59.


  • ​Great Accuracy
  • ​No Jamming
  • ​Affordable


  • ​Bi-Metal Jacket means no indoor shooting
  • ​Not Reloadable

The Wolf Military Classic 9 mm ammo comes with a  steel casing with a Lead Core as well as a bi-metal head. The ammo itself provides a muzzle velocity of 1234 feet per second with a muzzle Energy of 389 feet/pounds.

Even though there's a lot of bad reputation surrounding steel casing,  we feel that the wolf military classic bullet would be a great way to start loving steel casing as it doesn't jam and it isn't any harder on your weapon than a standard brass casing bullet would be.

The Wolf Military bullet only has the downside that you can't shoot them in an indoor range, and you must restrict their use to outdoor fields only.

Additionally,  for people who enjoy reloading their casings, this is likely not the bullet for you as you cannot reload them once they get used. Usually, you can find this ammo rated at about $79.99 per box, and it's one of the most expensive ammunition on our less, but it still provides a great value.


  • ​Great expansion control
  • ​Maintains weight
  • ​Six-segmented jacket


  • ​Can come off as Snappy depending on the gun you’re using

This bullet gets explicitly used by the FBI as one of their main primary service rounds. Winchester is a well-known brand for both guns and ammunition, so it's not surprising that this is a bullet that meets those expectations. It is hollow point ammunition which unfortunately has the disadvantage of catching drag when being fired.

However, this Handgun Ammunition does exceed any FBI barrier penetration protocol standards that are currently out so this would be a beautiful bullet to have if you're concerned about Home Security.

The bullet itself uses a proprietary bonding process which takes Allied car and a copper jacket and bonds them into one unit to control expansion. This feature enhances retained weight which provides it with better accuracy. It also enables the bullet to penetrate through severe barriers to strengthen your range as well as the impact velocity.

It also features smooth chambering, and she'll case injection which was improved by the nickel-plated shell casings that started getting implemented. You could buy this ammo in various gram sizes, and you can expect to pay between $23.49 to $32.99 per box of 20 rounds.

Herter's Select Grade 9mm Ammo

​Via Cabelas


  • ​Consistent Accuracy
  • ​Reliable Feeding
  • ​High-quality brass, primers, powders


  • ​Have a history of bad bullets in the packaging

This specific ammunition gets produced by Sellier and Bellot one of the world oldest bullet manufacturers known worldwide.  They use high-quality materials to provide consistent performance and accuracy as well as a reliable feeding system. The brass casing makes it easier on critical firearm parts to preserve the life of extractors and ejectors.

The price is the most attractive part of this ammunition, but it is considered to be a highly accurate bullet as long as you have the appropriate gun to fire it. This round is a fabulous bullet to use if you are trying to get proper practice in or you need to use it for training purposes.


  • ​1475 feet per second
  • ​Works well with lighter pistols
  • ​Lightweight round


  • ​Has trouble firing with some Glock models

This bullet is a non-expanding injection-molded bullet explicitly made from a blended copper and polymer mix. It's also not a hollow point bullet, and that means that it's widely accessible and legal in all jurisdictions, even the ones that do ban hollow points for civilian use or off-duty cops.

The ARX bullet provides a tri-flute design which uses the moisture and liquids that are found in tissue to increase its kinetic impact on its intended target. Once the cartridge enters the muscle, it usually rotates and forces away from the fluid that it encounters as it makes an impact.

The bullet itself doesn't have a nose cavity which is an excellent design point as any barrier material that day bullet hits won't be subject to getting plugged up as most conventional hollow-point designs do. The weight of this bullet is a lot lower than most standard 9 mm shells are, and the velocity is expanded up to 1475 feet per second.

The average penetration for this bullet and Ballistic gelatin usually goes between 12 to 14 in at 30 feet with expansion at the point of entry measuring it about four and a half inches at its fullest.

Currently, you can find cases of the inceptor ARX ammunition for about $29.99 a box, and it comes with about 25 shells in each case.

A box of Remington Ammo

​Via Remington


  • ​Affordable rounds
  • ​Great performance for the value
  • ​Works well with semiautomatic pistols


  • ​Dirty ammo
  • ​Jamming issues

Remington's is another company that many people associate with guns and ammo. It's no surprise since the company itself focuses on the quality of the weapons and ammo that they manufacture for their clients. The UMC itself brings over 140 years of innovation An excellence with all forms of shooting enthusiasts.

These particular bullets bring out consistent and dependable results, and they work well with semi-automatic pistols and are ideal for practice and target shooting. These bullets have also gotten used for training exercises for military and law enforcement, so you know that the shell has to perform well.

The name mmm comes in 115 grain with a  full metal jacket and 50 rounds per case. At Futures and enclose lead-core surrounded by a brass case that is reloadable for shooting enthusiasts to enjoy reloading their bullet casings. It comes boxer primer, so you know that the reloadability is on par.

Its muzzle velocity sits at 1145 feet per second and the muzzle energy sets at 335 feet per pound. You can purchase these rounds between the prices of $12.99 up to $39.99 depending on the caliber that you're shopping.

The Verdict

A handgun and ammo in the table

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So which bullet is the most accurate?

Despite the apparent hold-backs that come from not having the right gun model or barrel size per the ammunition that you choose to purchase, we feel that the inceptor ARX is one of the most accurate bullets on our list thanks to its nose cap design and how light the shot is in general.

If you're using it for training purposes, this could be a more expensive choice for taking it out onto the range and getting some good shooting practice. However, if you're using it for home defense and you want to make sure that you hit the target intended, you couldn't choose a better bullet.

Not only does it aim well, but it also makes sure that the target you hit will be damaged thanks to its impact velocity and its ability to increase its damage once it enters the skin. On top of that, material barriers are of little hindrance to this bullet, so you're guaranteed not only an accurate shot but an effective one.

​Featured Image Source: Pixabay