XDS handguns are popular guns to use as concealed weapons, and a functionally superior XDS holster makes them even more useful. Choosing the right XDS holster will give those who carry XDS handguns increased convenience, security and functionality. Different users will have different needs when it comes to comfort, fit, and style. The top six XDS holsters are listed below, along with the features to help users determine which best suits their needs.

Top 6 XDS Holster Options for the XDS Handguns

1. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express holster for Springfield XD-S 3.3" 9MM/40SW/45ACP

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Made of modern space age kydex plastic, the Concealment Express IWB kydex holster can be molded to fit many different handguns.

A popular material known for its ruggedness, kydex is low cost and is easy to mold. This makes it an ideal choice for custom holsters. The holster includes an adjustable angle so users can further customize the position of their gun to meet their own unique needs.

This XDS holster does not absorb moisture and provides a vapor barrier between the gun and a user’s body.

At just $34.95, this XDS holster is a bargain because of its high quality and functionality.

2. Springfield XDS Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster

Springfield XDS Pro Carry

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Since its made of high quality leather, the Springfield XDS Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster looks great and delivers on exceptional quality. It is flexible and durable, and easy to clean with a simple wipe down on a regular basis. It is also a comfortable fit for users thanks to its sleek design and construction.

This XDS holster fits both the .45 and 9mm XDS handguns, and it is easy to conceal so users can wear it in many different locations. The holster covers most of the handgun, allowing for a low profile.

At $22.95, the Springfield XDS Pro Carry LT CCW IWB holster is very affordable especially given the high quality construction and lasting durability.

3. Springfield XD-S 3.3 IWB Hybrid Holster

Springfield XD-S 3.3 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention and Comfort Curve

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For the advantages of both moldable kydex and the quality and style of leather, users can look for the Springfield XDS 3.3 IWB Hybrid Holster.

This XDS holster is extremely versatile,as it can be shaped to fit any model XDS handgun. The holster features adjustable retention settings for high security. What’s more, the leather back panel is comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Perhaps best of all, the holster has a curved shape designed for a snug fit that is both secure and comfortable.

This hybrid holster is an affordable price at $59.95.

4. Galco Stow-N-Go Inside the Pant Holster

Galco Stow-N-Go for Springfield XD-S 3.3"

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The Stow-N-Go Inside the Pant Holster is made by Galco, one of the most well-known brands in XDS holsters. This holster fits both 9mm and .45 XDS handguns, and offers construction from high quality leather.

Constructed from premium center cut steerhide, users do not have to worry about this holster wearing too quickly. Featuring a simple design, the Stow-N-Go can be worn in many different locations on the body while maintaining a low profile.

In addition to its simple but sleek design, this holster is highly durable and rugged. It will withstand years of heavy use.

Listed at $32.95, the Galco Stow-N-Go Inside the Pant holster is a great price from a well-known brand.

5. Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster for Springfield XD-S 3.3″

Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster

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Another great XDS holster from Galco, the Kingtuk IWB Holster is made from high quality Napa leather and kydex plastic.

Both durable and flexible, this holster fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches so users can use this with their own current accessories.

The holster includes adjustable metal belt clips for added flexibility for users. The backing plate is crafted from saddle leather for extra comfort and allows users to adjust the height and angle to fit them perfectly.

At $63.96, the Kingtuk IWB holster is a good deal when considering its quality and numerous features.

6. Cloak Tuck 3.0 by Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

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The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster is a great choice for those looking for durability without a long break in period.

A core of spring steel and ballistic nylon makes this a great, durable holster is many different conditions. The holster includes a waterproof neoprene back pad for those who wear their handgun in wet conditions. This holster’s materials also allow the holster to stay clean, with very little maintenance required with continued use.

This XDS holster is made in America and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The holster also features adjustable ride height, cant and retention so users can adapt the holster to meet their own preferences.

The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster is a bargain at $45.88.


These XDS holsters offer many different options for those who carry XDS handguns. Whether looking for style, functionality, or comfort, users can find the perfect holster for them. The holsters highlighted above will stand the test of time while offering exceptional features and security.