The Canik 55 Stingray (and its more compact version, the Stingray-C) offers accuracy and reliability with various types of ammunition for a price that will not break your bank account. Canik is a well-known and reputable gun manufacturing company based in the historic city of Samsun, Turkey.

Canik’s mission is to provide high quality, high caliber weapons for law enforcement and defense through rigorous research, testing, production techniques, and quality development. Many Canik models have been compared by their owners to notoriously powerful and precise Glock models. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the Canik 55 Stingray.

Canik 55 Stingray

Pros and Cons of Using a Canik 55 Stingray


  • High Capacity Magazine

The 9mm Stingray holds a minimum of 15 rounds while the more compact version, Stingray-C, has a capacity of 13 rounds. The Stingray .40S&W holds 12 rounds while the Stingray-C .40S&W holds 11. The two magazines included with the gun are Mec Gar mags, which are considered standard go-to mags for various pistols.

  • 4-point Safety System (DA/SA)

The 4-point safety system features a Firing Pin Safety Block and an ambidextrous slide stop-safety lever, making this gun great for a right- or left-handed shooter. The Stingray has a loaded chamber indicator DA/SA trigger system.

  • Military Strength Heft

The Canik 55 Stingray was designed for tactical and task force usage, making this model comparable in precision and power to Glocks. With an empty magazine, the Stingrays and Stingray-Cs weigh 2.38 and 2.31 pounds respectively, yet they are not so small that your fingers will be dangling down. Their weights make these guns easier to shoot than their Glock counterparts. Owners should carry these guns in heavy-duty gun belts.

  • Reliability and Accuracy

The Canik 55 Stingray and Stingray-C are reliable and accurate shooters. When tested with multiple types of ammunition, the Stingray and Stingray-C have reportedly low failure rates and can run cleanly through several hundred rounds of ammo.

  • Affordability

The Canik 55 Stingray and Stingray-C will not drain your bank account. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)is about $400, and the street price dips down into the $300 range.

Potential buyers should be aware that, according to multiple reviews posted online, Canik’s American importing company, Century Arms, stopped importing the Canik 55 Stingray and Stingray-C.


  • Difficult to Find for Purchase in America

Since Century Arms is no longer importing the Canik 55 Stingray series, Americans looking to buy these guns will have to conduct in-depth searches, possibly scouring gun owners’ forums for individuals looking to sell their used Canik 55 Stingray models.

  • Newer Models Have Different Fixed Sights

Owners report that earlier Stingray models shoot point of aim (POA) without requiring much adjustment. Newer models, however, have higher fixed sight by about 1mm, requiring adjustments be made.

  • Aesthetics are Not Entirely Pleasing

In all fairness, the following statements are purely aesthetic-based gripes and do not reflect performance issues in any way. The loaded chamber indicator seems rather excessive in its appearance. The hammer is not well skeletonized, and the checkered plastic grips are relatively basic.

  • Ambidextrous Controls Present Minor Issues

The thumb safety design is somewhat difficult to engage since there is not sufficient leverage to push the lever up. The Stingray’s double action is also somewhat lackluster; there is little in the way of take-up and lacks the refined smoothness of a CZ. Additionally, ambi controls make getting inside the Stingray even more of a hassle than the CZ since the safety has rolling pins and the slide stop has spring retainers that have to be navigated.

Canik 55 Stingray

Who Is This Product Best For?

The Canik 55 Stingray is a great pistol for anyone who needs to stay within a $300-$400 budget. In fact, the Stingray is a decent alternative to a CZ or Glock. Left- or right-handed individuals should not experience too many issues with shooting a Stingray since the series features ambidextrous controls. The Stingray is a solid pistol for experienced shooters as well as those who are working to improve their aim.

Despite a few cosmetic and mechanical imperfections, the Canik 55 Stingray and Stingray-C are durable, reliable, user-friendly firearms that provide quality materials without the hefty price tag of a Glock. Unfortunately, the biggest downside for American consumers is finding a seller since Century Arms no longer imports them. However, if you are able to locate a Stingray, it could be well worth the effort and money to add to your arsenal.