An SOB holster sits at the small of your back, a place often good for concealed carry. While searching for the best SOB holster, you may notice some products are described as either “palm out” or “palm in”. This refers to which direction your palm will face when you draw the gun. You can find which is most natural for you by pretending to draw a gun from behind your back. If your palm is out, then you’ll probably prefer a palm out SOB holster. Below we have listed five of the best SOB holsters for concealed carry. The holsters were ranked based on customer ratings and how well they conceal the gun.

1. G&G Back Holster

G&G Back Holster, one of the best SOB holster

If you’re looking for the best SOB holster made of leather, the G&G Back Holster is a good choice. It features high quality leather and stitching. The holster has fixed belt loop instead of a snap-on. Although you have to take your belt on and off to remove the holster, it’s more secure. Another difference between the G&G Holster and most small of back holsters is it has a retention screw. The retention screw can be tightened or loosened as needed to find the perfect fit. This prevents your gun from falling out of the holster. Speed of draw is fast as well, an important factor in a self-defense weapon. The G&G back holster is a palm in SOB holster.

Price: $52.74-$107.03.

2. Galco Gunleather Small of Back Holster

Galco Gunleather Small of Back Holster product photo

The Galco Gunleather Small of Back Holster is made of premium leathers and stitching. It uses a retention screw to keep your gun securely in place and assist with a fast, smooth draw. Customers have said in their reviews that this holster is so comfortable they barely notice it’s there. Several customers have also pointed out its comfort when they have to walk around a lot. The Galco Gunleather SOB Holster is available for numerous gun manufacturers. These gun manufacturers include S&W, Colt, Ruger, Springfield, AMT, Remington, Kimber, and Para USA. The gun holster fits belts up to 1 3/4″ wide. And it’s available in black or tan finish.

Price: $109.95.

3. Elite Survival Advanced Back Holster

Elite Survival Advanced Back Holster product photo

This is the best SOB holster for minimizing vertical movement of your concealed gun. It features a wide back plate that reduces vertical movement and increases comfort. The wide back plate distributes weight over a larger area on your back. A thumb release retention strap keeps the small of back holster securely in place. The thumb release retention strap makes it easier to draw as well. This gun holster isn’t form fitted, so a variety of guns work with it. The Elite Survival Advanced Back Holster is lightweight, contributing to its comfortability. It can fit belts up to 1.75″ wide. The holster is available in right hand and left hand versions.

Price: $43.96-$54.95.

4. Desantis Small of Back Holster

Light brown Desantis Small of Back Holster For Glock Right Hand Tan

The Desantis Small of Back Holster is one of the lightest SOB holsters, weighing only 3.2 oz. It’s made of high quality leather and stitching. The lightweight holster is comfortable to wear; you’ll barely notice it’s there. Instead of a retention band, the holster was designed with an adjustable retention screw. This allows you to find the most secure fit for concealed carry. The leather guard extends more than half way up the holster, providing a secure fit. This SOB holster also fits on your belt through a loop, helping it stay on your back. It is positioned “butt up” and accommodates belts up to 1 1/2″ wide.

Price: $56.23.

5. ActiveProGear Small of the Back (SOB) Concealment Holster

ActiveProGear Small of the Back (SOB) Concealment Holster

For those who live active lifestyles, the ActiveProGear Small of Back Concealment Holster is the best choice. It’s made of waterproof foam and nylon to increase it’s durability, even for those who are outdoors often. Most small of back holsters pose a minor risk of damage to your spine if they’re carried at the 6 o’clock position. You must position the holsters slightly left or right of your spine for safety. The ActiveProGear Small of Back Concealment Holster, however, was designed to protect your kidneys and spine. This is another reason why it’s ideal for those with active lifestyles. It minimizes the risk of injury, albeit small to the beginwith.


The Bottom Line

The best SOB holster depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Do you sit often throughout the day? If so, the small of back type of holster probably isn’t best for you. If you’re set on getting this type of holster, then you should buy one that delivers maximum comfort in addition to concealment. And remember to position the holster slightly left or right of your spine to reduce risk of injury. It will also be more comfortable sitting when the holster is to the left or right of your spine. What do you think is the best SOB holster?