Concealed carry holster shirts are ideal for people who have physical disabilities, work long hours, or drive a lot. Other types of holsters can feel uncomfortable for them or be impractical. Concealed carry holster shirts are also often used by law enforcement officials because they go well with body armor. To find a comfortable holster shirt for concealed carry, take a look at the six best shirt holster options below.

1. GrayStone Holster Shirt Concealed Carry Clothing for Men Crew Neck

GrayStone Holster Shirt Concealed Carry

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As an undercover compression crew neck shirt, this GrayStone holster shirt provides maximum concealment for your gun. It’s good for concealing your gun under a button down shirt and other clothing. Draw is quick with specially designed lowered pockets that provide easy access to your gun.

You can carry extra magazines with you thanks to the three multipurpose magazine pockets on each side. Other belongings can be stored in the pockets too. The shirt holster is suitable for use by law enforcement. It’s available in black and white and sizes small to XXL. GrayStone offers a 100% money back guarantee on this concealed carry shirt holster.

Price: $39.95-$49.99.

2. 5.11 Tactical Holster V-Neck Shirt

Tactical Holster V-Neck Shirt

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This concealed carry shirt holster features velcro pocket locks that keep your concealed weapon secure. It can store a compact handgun. The shirt holster is made with moisture wicking technology to minimize sweating. It has an opaque outer mesh layer that assists with concealing your gun.

The shirt is comfortable to wear and doesn’t sag or cause chaffing. Thus, it’s great to wear while running or exercising. As a customer stated in their review, they didn’t become uncomfortable during a 10-mile run while wearing the shirt. The 5.11 Tactical Holster V-Neck Shirt is available in sizes small to XXL. You can choose the shirt in either black or white.

Price: $49.99-$72.76.

3. AC UNDERCOVER Women’s Elite Concealed Carry Tank Top Shirt Holster


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This shirt holster is specifically designed for women. It fits all body types comfortably without restricting movement. Accessing your weapon is quick and easy with this holster shirt. You can wear the shirt under button down shirts, pullovers, and t-shirts. Store other items in the travel pockets on the right side of the shirt.

The shirt’s holster features heavy duty elastic. It keeps your handgun close to your body for maximum concealment. AC UNDERCOVER Women’s Elite Concealed Carry Shirt Holster comes with a retention strap. You can choose to use or not use the retention strap.

Price: $34.99.

4. 5.11 Sleeveless Holster Shirt

white holster shirt

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The 5.11 Sleeveless Holster Shirt is good for use in hot weather because of its sleeveless design. It features moisture wicking technology as well to keep sweat away for a cooler and more comfortable fit. The shirt holster has two underarm pockets that you can use for carrying a gun or accessories.

Making the shirt more comfortable, it has an inner padded layer. The outer mesh layer aids in concealment of your weapon. This shirt holster is suitable for use during working out. It won’t cause you to overheat and is comfortable to wear. The sleeveless shirt holster is available in your choice of white or black. Sizes range from small to 3XL.

Price: $69.99.

5. UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Tank Top Single Shirt

Women's Concealment Tank Top

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This concealment shirt has two holsters that allow you to conceal carry two guns. When you’re not carrying two guns, you can use the other pocket for storing accessories and other items. The FBI, Secret Service, TSA, and other law enforcement officials have worn this concealment tank top.

Its design is suitable for use in the summer to prevent overheating. The UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Tank Top Single Shirt comes in nude, white, and black. It is made in the USA as well, a selling point for those who prefer buying American-made products.

Price: $47.00-$59.99.

6. 5.11 Tactical S/S Holster Shirt

White Tactical S/S Holster Shirt

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Made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, the 5.11 Tactical S/S Holster Shirt is comfortable to wear. It is sewed with flat lock seams to increase comfort, prevent chaffing, and decrease friction. The mesh shoulder yoke design redistributes your weapon’s weight as well.

This holster shirt is suitable for police officers and anyone who needs a concealed carry shirt. It also works especially well when you’re going to the gym. The shirt has extra pockets for storing your belongings. It is available in small to XXXL and white and black.

Price: $51.48-$80.99.

Summing Up

Holster shirts that aren’t made well can be uncomfortable to wear. They may cause you to sweat too much or feel constrictive. It’s important to buy a well-made concealed carry holster shirt for this type of carry. Some of the products on the top six list above are used by law enforcement officials. This is an indicator that these options are perfect for concealed carry.