It’s hard to personally try out all the handguns in a certain category when you shop for one, and therefore going through as many handgun reviews as possible is always highly recommended before you reach a decision. But since you can’t really go through all the reviews out there and even if you could, you can’t trust them all in an equal manner, some kind of prioritizing is still necessary. We’ve put together some general information that you need to consider before making a purchase, both about handguns in general and about specific qualities you need to look for in a firearm. Last, but not least, we’ve sketched out a short guide on what makes a handgun review more trustworthy than others, so you know better what reviews to look for. Hopefully, this general advice can help you come to a better decision and help you make up your mind faster.

Gun reviewsFirst of all, you need to apply for the required permits and check-ups in order to be allowed to carry a handgun. After you complete all those, you can begin to actively search for a gun to suit your needs. Think about what the arm’s purpose will be: do you need it strictly for self-defense or for some minor scale hunting as well? If you plan to use it for hunting, then it probably needs to still be on the bigger side of handguns than one used strictly for self-protection purposes. If you don’t have any hunting on mind and you only plan to use it for protection, then you should decide beforehand if you want to carry your gun with you under terms of conceal and carry, or if you want to only keep it inside your house for the undesirable event of a security breach (or trespassing).

Finding the right gun

For use inside the home in order to intimidate potential trespassers, any size of handgun will do, but for use outside the premises, under the conceal and carry terms (which state that you’re allowed to carry a gun only if it’s concealed, in order to not make bystanders uncomfortable), you need to think about an appropriate size. A suitable gun to carry with you must fit inside your regular bag or suitcase or even to be able to be worn on your person with your clothes still able to conceal it. Our recommendation is to carry out the measurements involved in all scenarios, and then filter your search for a handgun to those that fit your bill of required measurements.

After these steps, you can move on to actually reading handgun reviews to help you decide which one to choose. According to a special report

man holding hand gun facing down

depends what feels right in your hand

by The Bureau Of Justice Statistics, 8 in 10 offenders who used firearms during their attack were equipped with a handgun, so since potential aggressors carry these gun so often, so should people who want a better grip on protecting themselves. When going through reviews to help you decide on the exact handgun for you, it’s better to listen to professional advice than to advice given by amateurs. That means two things: one, that the opinion of your neighbor Joe or your uncle Bob shouldn’t count that much unless they’re qualified gun experts; and two, that user or customer reviews on websites of stores shouldn’t matter that much either. We realize that the last piece of advice may seem somewhat counterintuitive, since a customer review is the honest feedback of paying client, and not the concealed advertisement of an expert who’s maybe trying to sell you something, but trust us on it. Those paying customers, even though they probably mean well, don’t have as much experience with as many types of weapons as a professional review has, and if they’re happy with a feature they may only be happy because they haven’t experienced a better one, and so on.

Since we’ve settled the matter and now we’ve come to the point where it’s better to look for handgun reviews only from expert or professional hubs you trust, here are a couple of potential sources. First of all, before buying your own weapon, you’ve probably completed a shooting course at a firing range, so why don’t you ask for some counseling from your instructor there? He or she might be your best source, since we’re talking about someone who already knows your strengths and preferences or with whom you can discuss them directly. If this isn’t an option you have, the other reliable source is a specialized magazine or exert forum that publishes a large number of handgun reviews for virtually every model that comes out. By checking out their database, you have access not only to the reviews themselves, but you also have grounds for proper comparison. Here’s where to start, and good luck.

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