What is being a Good enough shot? As a friend once told me, “it’s hard to keep fighting when you have a hole in your wrapper!” An initial hit on an attacker can serve like the first punch in a boxers combination punch. It buys you time to place a second more effective shot. But, none of that counts if you miss! You must be accurate. Never sacrifice “acceptable” accuracy for any other skill. “Acceptable” or “Good Enough” may be enough to stop your assailant.

Being a Good Enough Shot and Practice ShootingThere is a lot of literature written about the distance at which the average attack takes place, these are good numbers to know but should not be the sole determining factor in your shooting practice. If the average is 3 feet and you never practice at 25 feet you may find yourself in a sad state of affairs if you find yourself in a situation at the mall that puts you at a distance from a determined assailant. Remember, you don’t get to choose the shooting you are involved in, or the distance. I know if we could, we all would choose not to be in one at all. Although we can decide when to shoot , we can’t control when the bad guys will put us in the position of having to do just that. Every Concealed Carry Permit holder should be capable of “passable” accuracy at “most distances’ with their firearm, including contact distance. ( 0’ ) This may occur at arm’s length, from the ground or even at a long distance. If we only practice at 6 feet you will discover that you are deficient when faced with a maniac shooting people at the mall.  Again, you should be capable of “passable Accuracy” at most distances with your firearm. I define “Passable Accuracy as an 8” pie plate. If you can group your shots in this diameter from 6 feet out to 25 yards depending on your firearm, (assuming we are speaking of handguns) you would be in the “Passable Accuracy” realm.

For those who believe shot placement is everything and even a small caliber hand gun will suffice, you are wrong! No hand gun round can put a determined or drugged out criminal down with a single shot. Statistics hover around 80% for people who have been shot by a handgun and survive. 

Pick the largest caliber you can safely and accurately fire and train to make the most of it by putting those bullets in the best place you can, with multiple shots if necessary, as fast as you can.

Be safe!