Western holsters have evolved over time. The Medieval holsters used in the past may have a slight difference from those preferred by modern cowboys.The western holsters gun come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the specific needs of a gun owner.

The top western holsters used by cowboys today range from leather holsters to belts. You can have a glimpse of the popular gun holsters in shops and outlets. Shooting enthusiasts, cowboys, and gunsmiths will find this article helpful.

1. Brown Right-handed Smooth Leather Gun Holster

Country Western USA holster, one of the best western holsters

This product consists of genuine brown leather and is usually found in the western regions of the United States of America. The brown smooth leather gun holster is popular for its hard grip on your weapon and affordable pricing. It is also a natural product hence efficient for use.

Key Features

  • Fits up to 6-inch barrels;
  • Has an opening at the bottom;
  • Made from genuine leather;
  • Available for gun sizes between 22, 36, 44/55.

Price: $34.95. It is commonly purchased together with a 3.57 cartridge belt that costs $39.99.

2. 38/357 Calibre Brown Leather Gun Holster

38/357 Caliber Brown Leather Gun Holster

This is another popular western holsters. The caliber holster is perfect for fast draws and shooting competitions for shooting enthusiasts. It also has an adjustable hammer loop which ensures your gun is safely held to the holster. This perfectly works in instances of horse riding.

Key Features

  • Has a gun belt that holds between 12-24 rounds of ammo;
  • Made from genuine leather;
  • Used for carrying .38 AND .357 Caliber revolvers;
  • Fits 4 to 6 inches barrel.

Price: $89.99- $109.99.

3. Emporium Men’s Right Hand Western Gun Holster

Historical Emporium Men's Right Hand Tooled Holster

This is a heavy duty belt like western holsters. It is one of its kind in quality. The holster is black in color.

Key Features

  • Features ammo loops and floral tools along the belt;
  • Power of .45 caliber revolver;
  • 4 to 6 inches of barrel length;
  • Hip sized belts with an allowance of 2 inches of adjustability

Price : $125.95.

4. Black Right Handed Tooled Leather Holster

Shotgun Lilli Western Gun Holster

This is a top western holsters preferred by shooting enthusiasts and cowboys. It is made from durable stitching and hence lasts for a long time. Many will prefer to purchase this holster because of it’s leg tie that keeps your gun secure even during a chase or horse ride.

Key Features

  • Used for a gun power of up to 22 caliber;
  • Sized for a standard frame revolver –fits between 4 to 6 inches of barrel length;
  • Has a leather hammer loop to boost gun security;
  • Holster can slide onto the belt therefore size friendly;
  • Made from long-lasting saddle grade leather.

Price: $34.50 excluding shipping costs.

5. Bluestone Wild Bill Holster

BLUESTONE Wild Bill Holster

This is a western holster made in the United States. It has orientations for both the right and left hands. The bluestone wild bill holster is preferred by those who wish to carry two guns at a time. It is also used for both single and double actions weapons.

Key Features

  • Made from heavy duty stitching which ensures a prolonged usage;
  • Carries weapons for both single and double action revolvers;
  • Superior quality horse ride leather that is super strong;
  • Fits different models of guns including the Ruger Redhawk, single action and double action models.

Price: $46.24 for the right hand oriented holster and $55.11 for the left hand oriented holster.

6. Black Right Handed Smooth Leather Gun Holster

Black Right Handed Smooth Leather Gun Holster

This is a new brand of holster. It is made in the United States and attracts buyers from various countries within the Western region. Cowboys and gun enthusiasts prefer this holster because of its genuine, long lasting dark leather.

Key Features

  • Made from original genuine leather or natural products;
  • Available for gun powers ranging from .22,.38/357 and 44/45 caliber;
  • Have an opening at the bottom and fits up to six inch barrels;
  • Black in color.

Price: $46.24. For shipping purposes you incur $4.49 more.

7. 44/45 Caliber Smooth Leather Cowboy Western Holster

Rocky Top Holsters 44/45 Caliber Gun Holster

This is a popular holster among the cowboys. It is preferred by many because of the soft touch it gives when tied on the body. Shooting enthusiasts also prefer this holster for use in fast draw competitions and sass.

Key features

  • Fits between four to six inches barrel;
  • Used for both single and double action weapons. (44 and 45 caliber revolvers);
  • Has an adjustable hammer loop for gun safety;
  • Made from genuine leather hence long lasting.

Price: $46.24.

Summing Up

The question of gun possession and safety has been a matter of contention for a long time in Western countries. Gun holster or carriers play a big part in keeping these weapons intact and safe for use. For the cowboys, carrying their guns around has been achieved through these carriers.

To choose an appropriate gun carrier, as a gun holder, you need to check for qualities that make it comfortable and safe for use. You can also check on the satisfaction it gives to your individual needs. Some of the factors you will check on include the price, grip, number of ammunition to be carried in the belt and the level of zooming.