Fanny pack holsters are a good option for concealed carry because it’s not a common place for concealment. Many fanny pack holsters are comfortable to wear too, as long as they come with an adjustable waist band. Below we have highlighted the top five concealment fanny pack holsters based on quality and customer reviews. You’ll be able to find the best fanny pack holster for concealed carry for your needs.

1. DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

This product is a best fanny pack holster for concealed carry of medium-sized guns. It fits up to a 40″ waist. Both right handed and left handed shooters can use the DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack. It fits close to the body for a comfortable fit. The fanny pack holster is made of rugged 1000 denier cordura nylon and YKK zippers.

It doesn’t just serve the purpose of hiding your gun either. The fanny pack concealed carry holster has a large zippered pocket and a small zippered pocket. You can fit your wallet and keys in the large zippered pocket. The small zippered pocket can fit smartphones of all sizes, including the 4.5″ Samsung Galaxy 3. In front of the cell phone compartment, you’ll find another small zippered pocket that can fit a phone charger.

Price: $39.92

2. ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster

The best fanny pack holster for those who want a lightweight holster is the ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster. It’s made of 600D nylon and YKK zippers. Although it’s lightweight, 600D nylon is a durable material. The elastic features a double layer for extra strength. The ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster comes in two size types: subcompact and compact.

Most 380s and pocket pistols fit in the subcompact version. The compact size can hold multifarious compact guns, including Glock 26, Glock 27, Glock 43, Ruger LC9, and M&P Shield. Any gun with an overall length of 6.5″ will fit in the fanny pack holster. Carrying a concealed firearm with this holster is safe because the gun is stored vertically. The ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster is ambidextrous as well.

Price: $37.00

3. EG Bags Concealment Fanny Pack

The EG Bags Concealment Fanny Pack offers excellent functionality while providing concealment for your gun. It has an expandable mesh front pocket that can fit cameras, cell phones, or walkies. The front also has a medium zip pocket and a small zippered slip pocket. This is decent storage space for your belongings.

The concealment pocket features a removable holster with velcro. This pocket measures 10.5″ x 6.5″ x 3″. The gun pocket’s quick release tabs make it fast and easy to draw. You can attach the removable holster to your belt or another accessory. The EG Bags Concealment Fanny Pack is the best fanny pack holster for men who have large waists. It fits up to a 50″ waist size.

Price: $39.95

4. Roma Leather Small Pistol Concealment Fanny Pack

This concealment fanny pack is made of top grain leather and YKK zippers with reinforced stitching. It comes with a velcro holster and can be used by either right-handed or left-handed people. The strapping is secure and features a quick release snap to give you fast access to the gun. This product has sufficient storage space for your belongings. It has a 4″ x 7″ front zippered compartment and a 5″ x 9″ top zippered compartment. The product’s waist strap is adjustable, fitting up to a 45″ waist size.

Price: $28.99

5. Explorer Mens Pistol Concealment Fanny Pack with Key Ring Carabiner

This fanny pack holster for concealed carry is durable and water-resistant. It’s made of 600D polyester, microfiber, and tapestry. The concealment fanny pack features long zipper pulls for easy access. A padded removable velcro holster that can accommodate 2.5″H barrel and trigger dimension comes with the product. The concealment fanny pack has plenty of room for additional storage. It has four zippered pockets: one main and three front.

The waist strap is adjustable for the right fit and can fit a waist size up to 50″. Either right-handed or left-handed gun owners can use the concealment fanny pack. The main compartment zippers are lockable for additional safety and security during fanny pack carry. A key ring carabiner comes with the Explorer Mens Pistol Concealment Fanny Pack. The key ring carabiner can be used for accessory pouches, keys, and ID tags. Color of the key ring carabiner varies.

Price: $20.99

Summing Up

The best fanny pack holster for concealed carry has a discreet design and easy draw, like the above holsters. We have outlined five of the best concealment fanny pack holsters to help you find the right one. If you need a lot of storage space aside from the gun compartment, then choose one with multiple pockets. What do you think of these fanny pack concealment holsters? Which one looks best to you?