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New Gun Articles

Choosing the Best Paddle Holster: Top 7 Picks

Paddle holsters have a flat backing that rests against your body or inside your pants. They are often comfortable to wear, and they can provide good concealment as well. Below we have listed the top seven picks in paddle holsters to help you find the best paddle...
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6 Best Belly Band Holsters for Women in 2018

In the recent past, concealed weapon carrying has picked up as the perfect way of moving around with weapons. There are several gun holsters in the market to help shooting enthusiasts and general gun owners carry their weapons. However, the holsters will differ...
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Top 7 Western Holsters for Modern Cowboys

Western holsters have evolved over time. The Medieval holsters used in the past may have a slight difference from those preferred by modern cowboys.The western holsters gun come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the specific needs of a gun owner. The top western...
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6 Best Motorcycle Holsters – Concealed Carry for Riders

If you use a motorcycle to get around, then you may want to buy a holster designed for motorcycle carry. Regular gun holsters are sometimes uncomfortable when worn on a motorcycle. Below we have outlined the top six motorcycles holsters based on customer ratings,...
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