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New Gun Articles

Top 5 Discreet Gun Holsters for Women

In both rural and urban environments, dangers abound, and it pays to be prepared. It isn't enough to simply own a firearm and know how to use it, using the best possible gun holster is just as crucial. Concealment, position, comfort, size, compatibility with your gun,...
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Marlin 336 Review – Has the Quality Improved?

We’re here with our Marlin 336 review, as we see it today, in the .30-30 Winchester model, currently produced by under the Merlin name by Remington Firearms. We will offer a thorough overview of the history of this gun, its characteristics, and what its best uses are....
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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Ruger SR22

Gun lovers and enthusiasts know quite a bit about Ruger. Especially since the gun manufacturer has been on the market since 1949. It’s produced some reliable firearms over the years and judging by how the Ruger SR22 has been doing since its debut back in 2012, it...
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Most Powerful Handgun in the World – A Shot at the Top

To keep and bear arms is the right to defend yourself, they say. These handguns reinforce that principle. However, they are not reduced in design only to incapacitate or kill. They do so with impressive force, one to be reckoned with. It's all about breaking records....
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