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Man wearing a Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder System, one of the best shoulder holsters

Top 6 Shoulder Holsters for Best Use

Ill-fitted shoulder holsters ride up and transfer the gun's weight on your neck, where it doesn't belong. The weight of your weapon should rest on the shoulder for painless carry. Below we have compiled a list of the top six … [Read More...]

Blackhawk Pocket Holster

Top 7 Pocket Holster Options for Best Performance

A good pocket holster will prevent your gun from falling out of your pocket during vigorous activity, position the gun correctly in your pocket, and encourage swift drawing of the weapon. Pocket carry is comfortable and … [Read More...]

man wearing a Kenai chest holster

Top 5 Chest Holster Options for Safest Carry

Chest holsters are great for hunters, fishers, and runners because it keeps their weapon out of the way. Many are designed to prevent the weapon from banging into you as you run. Another benefit of carrying a gun in your … [Read More...]

Omega Holsters OWB Minimalist Paddle Kydex Holster

Top 5 Kydex Holsters and Best Practices

Occasionally, a product comes onto the market that changes the game entirely. Like the advent of the polymer-framed handgun in the 80's, Kydex holsters are one such game-changer. A formulation of PVC, Kydex is a proprietary … [Read More...]

Ultra Deep Cover holster for Glock guns

Top 6 Glock Holsters and Tips for Best Use

Individuals primarily purchase Glock holsters for conceal-carry, open-carry, competition or as part of a uniform. Needless to say, the holster selected will be as unique as the weapon you use. Regardless of the need, it is … [Read More...]

The Truth and Fiction About Silencers and Suppressors

Silencers and Suppressors 101 Silencers, suppressors, sound modifiers are different names for the same device. Hollywood glamorized the word “Silencer” that was coined by Hiram Percy Maxim, son of gun inventor Hiram Stevens … [Read More...]