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FoxX Holster Smith & Wesson M & P Shield, probable the best tuckable holster

Choosing the Best Tuckable Holster: Top 3 Holsters

Concealing your weapon is important, and holsters can help you do this perfectly. To choose the best tuckable holster, you will have to consider the comfort, ease of concealment, ease of drawing your weapon, and the exact … [Read More...]

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Top 6 Alien Gear Holsters for Efficient Concealed Carry

Alien Gear Holsters are known throughout the concealed carry world for their comfort and versatility. Their current line of products is no exception to that reputation. From their ultra-comfortable Cloak Tuck to the … [Read More...]

GrayStone Holster Shirt Concealed Carry

6 of the Best Holster Shirt Options for Concealed Carry

Concealed carry holster shirts are ideal for people who have physical disabilities, work long hours, or drive a lot. Other types of holsters can feel uncomfortable for them or be impractical. Concealed carry holster shirts … [Read More...]

Concealment Express holster for Springfield XD-S 3.3" 9MM/40SW/45ACP

Top 6 XDS Holster Options for the XDS Handguns

XDS handguns are popular guns to use as concealed weapons, and a functionally superior XDS holster makes them even more useful. Choosing the right XDS holster will give those who carry XDS handguns increased convenience, … [Read More...]

Quick Ship Skinny Rig, one of the best Zorn holsters

Top 5 Zorn Holsters and Best Use Tips

Zorn Holsters is a small business in Arizona that makes and sells custom gun holsters. Different from most holsters that are made of leather or nylon, their holsters are made of Kydex and Boltaron. Handmade in the USA with … [Read More...]

Blue Stone Safety Hidden Purse Holster

Top 6 Purse Holster Options for Maximum Safety

Purse holsters are good for concealed carry when you're wearing an outfit that's difficult to conceal a gun. If you plan on storing your gun inside your purse, a holster is necessary. You don't want your weapon to … [Read More...]