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New Gun Articles

6 Best Motorcycle Holsters – Concealed Carry for Riders

If you use a motorcycle to get around, then you may want to buy a holster designed for motorcycle carry. Regular gun holsters are sometimes uncomfortable when worn on a motorcycle. Below we have outlined the top six motorcycles holsters based on customer ratings,...
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Understanding the Main 10 Types of Gun Holsters

Gun holsters are a necessity for anyone who plans on taking their gun with them outside the house. Failure to use a gun holster can result in accidental firing of the gun or damage to it. There are 10 main types of gun holsters to choose from for safely carrying your...
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6 Best Leather Holster Makers for Quality Concealed Carry

Leather gun holsters are ideal for concealed carry because leather conforms to your handgun over time. This material also helps make the holster comfortable to wear. Comfort is a main concern when shopping for a concealment holster. If the holster isn't comfortable to...
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7 Best Gun Holster Manufacturers for Top Quality Products

When it comes to holstering your weapon, it's important to ensure the holster you buy is of good quality. Gun holsters aren't products you should buy from individuals on craft-like marketplaces. You want to have confidence that they're the highest quality. Below we...
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